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Next-Gen Results

For generations, Prairie Estates Genetics (PEG) has provided dairy-specific forage to dairy farms of all sizes. And now, after more than two decades of intensive forage research, genetics testing, and in-the-field results, we’ve developed a groundbreaking forage solution that enables dairy farmers to get the Next-Gen Results they’ve always wanted for their farm, and the better they’ve always wanted for their lives. That solution is Next-Gen Seed + Next-Gen Service.

Next-Gen Seed + Next-Gen Service

Everyone wants something better—it’s just human nature. But we both know that “better” means something very different to dairy farmers than it does to everyone else. To some, better simply means having more time to spend at home with their family. To others, better is all about improving their farm’s bottom line. Whatever your version of better is, we can help you achieve it with Next-Gen Seed + Next-Gen Service. By combining our Next-Gen Seed + Next-Gen Service, we’re able to help you maintain harvest consistency, feed consistency, and milk production consistency. Through consistency, you’ll achieve Next-Gen Results, and thereby discover the better you’ve been looking for.

Next-Level Results

Unlocking Seed Potential

While our Next-Gen Seed varieties are among the best dairy-specific hybrids out there, it takes more than just seed to maintain harvest consistency, feed consistency, and milk production consistency. It takes the care of someone with decades of forage experience, intimate knowledge of each genetic variety, and specialized techniques to unlock the full potential of Next-Gen Seed—it takes the Next-Gen Service of a PEG-certified forage manager. Then and only then are you able to achieve multiple consistencies.

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The Future of Forage Is Here

Whether you start by growing enough for just a few months, or an entire year’s inventory, the results remain the same—every acre planted with Next-Gen Seed will save you that much more time, energy, and money—every acre tended with Next-Gen Service will yield you that much more profit. Get in touch, and we’ll work together to find the Next-Gen Seed + Next-Gen Service combination that’s right for your farm.