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We're more than a seed company
We're a dairy seed company

Prairie Estates Genetics combines dairy-specific sourcing of seed genetics with experienced service at the bunker, field and barn to deliver maximum predictability and consistency — which ultimately means greater profitability for your dairy.

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Do you have a forage manager on your farm?

You do with Prairie Estates Genetics. A PEG Forage Manager comes with every bag of our seed. All of our Forage Managers have worked on a family dairy farm — feeding, milking, doing all the hard work you’ve done. We don’t just sell to dairy farmers, we are dairy farmers.

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Sourcing of seed genetics
— Solutions, not options

We sell fewer hybrids because there are only a few plants that will allow your cows to produce at the highest level. Through intensive research, we narrow our seed selection down to the few genetic families that make excellent corn silage. Other companies change out their hybrids every year to maximize their profits. We are motivated by consistency which leads to better long-term profitability for the dairy customer.

Seed Genetics

Independently, Family-Owned
In Wisconsin

We understand that in the present day environment 50¢ per hundredweight saved, or one or two pounds more milk is the difference between survival and extinction. We don’t answer to corporate boards, we answer to our customers.

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Results speak for themselves. Our retention rate is 90%. Some of the most respected herds in the country are on our client list. We build bigger, stronger dairies over time through consistency and predictability of forages. The results are better year after year.

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