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Talk to your fellow dairy farmers, ask around. They’ll tell you the same things that we’ve been hearing for decades: herds that commit to our methods thrive, year after year. Of course, transitioning from your current seed to our dairy-specific hybrids does take a commitment. But the results are undeniable: consistently high-quality forage & silage, healthier herds, and, ultimately, a more robust and stable dairy. That’s the power of Next-Gen Seed + Next-Gen Service.

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90%: Percentage of Customers That Stay With Us Over Time

Number of acres growing Next-Gen Seed every year.
Number of cows consuming PEG-certified silage every year.

Since we started using PEG our production is up, we’ve improved our herd health, and increased pregnancy rate – three very important areas in a dairy operation.

– Tom Meier, Breezy Hill
Happy PEG customer of 16 years & counting

PEG corn silage targeted our needs — softer kernel, consistency, and larger harvest window — without sacrificing yield. I would absolutely recommend PEG.

– Chet Dolph, Dolph Dairy,
Happy PEG customer of 13 years & counting

Since we started feeding PEG, we have a much more consistent production. It allowed us the ability to increase forage intake. It produces a very predictable outcome for future production.

– Mitch Breunig, Mystic Valley Dairy,
Happy PEG customer of 14 years & counting

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With PEG, we have been able to sustain better production on less dry corn. We had tried another provider and had to increase dry corn in the ration to maintain the level of production we were sustaining with PEG feeding less dry corn.

– John Haag, Haag Dairy LLC
Happy PEG customer for 21 years & counting

We get consistent forages by working with Prairie Estates Genetics and our cows milk better on it because of the soft kernel and the high digestible corn plant.

– Stan Dohm, Dohm Farms
Happy PEG customer of 12 years & counting

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