Proud Wisconsin Family Business

Anybody can talk the talk, but we’re the only company that sells only to dairymen. We’re not a subsidiary of a large corporate seed company. We’re independently, family-owned in Wisconsin. Your success is our success.

Family-Owned Business

Veteran-Owned Business

Family Owned, Veteran Owned

OUR FOUNDER | Ron Rogers, an Army veteran, started his forage career in 1985 and developed the forage testing program that we use today. Working for various seed companies, he noticed that the genetic varieties of seed corn that worked well for dairy farmers were consistently passed over by management for so-called “multi-purpose” grain hybrids that could be sold to a wider variety of farmers. In 1999 he started Prairie Estates Genetics in order to protect and steward genetic varieties that support and nourish the dairy industry specifically. He has dedicated his life to this work.

THE NEXT GENERATION | Ron’s daughter Nicole graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Communications. She spent the next twelve years working on the East Coast. In 2012 she moved back to Wisconsin to work with her parents at Prairie Estates Genetics. Nicole was born on a farm and is happy to be home.

OUR TEAM | Our team is connected by our dedication to the dairying way of life. All of our Forage Managers have worked on dairy farms, every employee so far was born and raised in Wisconsin, we heavily represent UW Platteville, we begin our weekly meeting with the same question every time: How can we better serve our customers this week?

We Live Here, We’re Your Neighbors

We live here. We’re your neighbors, your friends. We grew up on dairy farms like yours, and unlike the big guys, our business depends upon your success. We understand dairy farms, the dairy life. We understand your granddad’s dairy farm, and we understand your modern dairy farm. With all of the complexity of modern dairy farming, we’re with you every step of the way – from seed to feed.

About Prairie Estates Genetics
About Prairie Estates Genetics
About Prairie Estates Genetics
About Prairie Estates Genetics

Featured PEG Stories

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About Us - Grid 14

One Of Our Cutest Customers Wins School Fair With PEG Corn

We’re proud to announce Kylee Sebranick, of La Sebra Farms, won the blue ribbon in her school fair with Prairie Estates Genetics corn! We’re honored and privileged to work with farm families like the Sebranicks and future farmers like Kylee everyday.

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Our Youngest Forage Manager

Key Account Forage Manager Mike Kabat’s son helps him out with plots (and signs) every summer and loves it! We might have a future Forage Manager on our hands.

About Us - Grid 9

Springtime Plot Work

Forage Manager Kyle Sigg is in charge of our corn plots. He grew up on a dairy farm and can’t wait for spring so he can get back out in the fields.

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