Next-Gen Service

Sure, our Next-Gen Seed varieties are among the best dairy-specific hybrids out there. But it takes more than seed to maintain harvest consistency, feed consistency, and milk production consistency. It takes the care of someone with decades of forage experience, intimate knowledge of each genetic variety, and specialized techniques to unlock the full potential of Next-Gen Seed—it takes the Next-Gen Service of a PEG-certified Forage Manager. Luckily, every bag of Next-Gen Seed comes with one.

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Prairie Estates - Expect
Prairie Estates - Expect
Prairie Estates - Expect


Every single one of our Forage Managers has worked on a family dairy farm—feeding, milking, harvesting—doing the same hard work that you and your family do, day-in and day-out. They’ve managed thousands of acres of forage. They’ve worked with some of the best nutritionists in the field. And they know each of our hybrids, inside and out. It’s this dairy-specific experience and expertise that enables them to maximize every single forage acre on your farm, no matter the season; long or short, wet or dry.


  1. Expert support, year round.
  1. The highest-grade corn silage, high-moisture corn, and alfalfa.
  1. Maximized feed efficiency of every single forage acre.
  1. Insightful meetings with your PEG Forage Manager throughout the growing season
  1. Up-to-date feed protocol information for your nutritionist.
  1. Personalized harvest recommendations based on the status of your fields.
  1. Independent lab testing to ensure forage quality and consistency at no additional cost.
  1. Feed efficiency that continuously improves, year after year.

Year Round ROI

Just like you, our job is to maximize your return on investment. And, just like you, that job is 24/7, 365. You see, our forage managers are there for you year-round—testing the crop, monitoring its moisture levels, helping you harvest at exactly the right time—so you can yield the highest-quality dairy silage possible. Just ask one of our Forage Managers to go over our yearly calendar or forage assay, and they’ll show you exactly what we can do for you every season of the year.

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