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The only dairy seed company

Since 1999, we’ve been the only seed company dedicated to an overlooked segment of the seed market: the American Dairy Farmer. In an agricultural atmosphere that trends toward the many other uses of corn genetics, Prairie Estates Genetics is dedicated to the stewardship of corn genetics that specifically nourish dairy cows. No other seed corn company meets the specific needs of a dairy farmer.

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Answers, Not Options

We sell fewer hybrids because there are only a few plants that will allow your cows to produce at the highest level. We do this for two reasons: Consistency and Predictability. We know our products and how they will produce under any conditions. Through intensive research, we narrow our seed selection down to the few genetic families that make excellent corn silage. Other companies change out their hybrids every year to maximize their profits. We are motivated by consistency which leads to better long-term profitability for the dairy customer. Our hybrids will be there year after year. We have proprietary testing that is unique for dairy selection only.

Consistency in forages will build a bigger, stronger dairy over time

Consistency in your forages leads to consistency in your business. Consistency in your business leads to the longevity of the business. Whether you are passing your dairy down to your kids or just working to make your dairy as robust as possible, the days of winging it with your seed selection are over. You must perform like any other business and inconsistent forages are not a risk you can afford to take.

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Less than 10% of all corn grown in the U.S. is grown for silage to feed dairy cows

Prairie Estates Genetics specializes in that 10%. Other seed companies understandably grow for the great majority – grain farmers.

This 10% represents 100% of what we do

Because we’ve been focused solely on dairy forages for over 20 years, we know them like the back our our hand. Want to talk about the drought of 2012? We can tell you what corn did well for dairy farmers that year.

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The difference between grain & dairy

Big seed companies have been telling dairymen for years that there is no difference between the best plant for the grain farmer and the best plant for the dairy farmer. That’s as convenient for the big seed company’s bottom line as it is harmful to the dairy farmer’s.

There is no dual-purpose corn. There is grain corn and corn silage. To perform at a high level and have the best possible return on investment, a dairy farmer must -- at a minimum -- be using dairy-specific hybrids. Prairie Estates Genetics analyzes the genetic offerings from the best genetic and trait suppliers, and brings the best dairy hybrids to you.

Feed Performace Testing

We have over 18 years of data on the feed performance of 1000+ dairies. Not only do we do individual testing on your farm, but we also benchmark it to the ongoing data from those 1000+ dairies. These benchmarks allow us to develop best forage management practices and products specific to your location, conditions and goals.

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We’ve Been Testing For Forage Quality and Tonnage, Uninterrupted Since 1985

We pre-test all of our hybrids for quality and tonnage for 3 years in 22 locations before we ever put them in our customers’ fields. Locations include: Wisconsin, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. And we’re adding more all the time!

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