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Your new forage manager

You have a nutritionist on your farm to balance rations, you have a herd manager to ensure cow comfort and you have a vet for herd health. Your corn silage is 40% of your feed cost each year, so why don’t you have a Forage Manager on your team? With Prairie Estates Genetics you do.

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We take special pride in our Forage Managers. Every single one of them has worked on a family dairy farm for years — feeding, milking, doing all the hard work you’ve done and your kids have done.

Our Forage Managers know our hybrids inside and out. That allows them to manage them precisely no matter what kind of harvest season we’re having — long or wet, short or dry.

What to expect as a Prairie Estates Genetics Customer

  1. The highest-quality corn silage, High Moisture Corn, and alfalfa, consistently year after year.
  2. The ability to measure this quality and consistency through lab tests and herd performance.
  3. Answers to all of your questions concerning Prairie Estates Genetics products are only a phone call away.
  4. Your local forage manager will meet with you several times throughout the growing season.
  5. We will advise you when your corn should be harvested based on your individual fields.
  6. We will provide quality testing of your forages through independent lab surveys to verify their quality every year at no additional cost to you.
  7. We will promptly answer any questions about balancing rations with Prairie Estates Genetics silage and your nutritionist will be kept up-to-date on any changes in feed protocols.
  8. You will be able to sleep at night knowing your corn silage will be of the highest quality 365 days a year.
  9. If you commit to our system of forage management, you can expect improved forage consistency year after year.

With you 365 days a year

Our job is to help you maximize your return on investment by lowering the cost of production through high-quality dairy-specific corn silage, and we do that job 365 days a year, just like you.

Ask one of our Forage Managers to go over our yearly calendar — and especially our Forage Assay — to explain what he can do for you every season of the year.

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We take pride in providing the following products for your forage needs:

  • Dairy Corn Hybrids
  • Hybrid Alfalfa
  • Low Lignin Alfalfa
  • Assorted Grasses and Clovers
  • Fermentation Aid (Harvest Home)