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Shrinking Margins…How Can Forages Help?

Corn and soybean cash prices are up 60% since early August. Milk prices have slipped nearly 30% since November 2020. Grain prices are expected to stay high through the 2021 harvest season. Class III milk for the next six months is expected to range from $15.39 in February to $17.39 in September. Diet inputs like […]

Employee Spotlight: Carl Key, Senior Forage Manager

Prairie Estates Genetics is comprised of employees with high levels of competence and experience. This expertise is paired with an excellent line of dairy seed formulated specifically for dairy cows, provides complete management of a dairy farm’s forage program. Recently, PEG hired long time agronomist and forage manager Key. With the addition of Carl to the […]

Consistent Dairy Feed Planning During Times Of Uncertainty

As evident by this year, life is full of uncertainty, and dairy farmers face this every day in their operation. To best mitigate this, it is sometimes best to look at history for clues into where our operation is headed. By looking ahead, we can adjust early to ensure a successful year overall. Now that […]

6 Ways To Make Sure Your Corn Silage Is High Quality

The sales season is upon us. Dairy farmers are inundated by salesmen pretending to be silage experts without grasping or understanding quality corn silage. Many facets go into producing good silage: • Good Agronomy Program • Consistent High Yielding Varieties • Consistent Dry Matter • Consistent High Starch Content of High Quality (Digestibility) • Consistent […]

Quality Before The Chopper And After

As chopping season sneaks up on us, we all start to think: “What can I do to ensure quality feed for my cows for the next 365 days of feeding?” While the answer might seem difficult, adding a few key steps, pre-harvest, and mid-harvest, could make a large difference when it comes to feeding out. […]

The Importance of Using the Right Forage Tests

Today, you can test the efficiency of every aspect of your farm, from the production of the cows to the tractor battery. Performing these tests gives you the peace of mind that things are running smoothly. This begs the question, “How often are you testing your forage, and are you using the right test to […]

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